Of boards and chopping boards.

The call for more diverse work environments extends beyond the corporate world, acknowledging that many of us choose careers that take us nowhere near the board room. We call for diversity in the work place, we talk about inviting more women into tech and getting girls into STEM early, we regularly draw attention to imbalance on boards and at C level, so what seems wrong here?

Australian Gourmet Traveller released its 50th Anniversary issue recently, and fabulous it is too! I love food, love to eat it, cook it, share it, read about it. As I scour the fabulous food filled pages in this particular edition, we acknowledge Maggie Beer, Kate Reid, Stephanie Alexander, Christine Manfield, Alla Wolf-Tasker, Amy Chanta, Kylie Kwong as honourable mentions in the roll call of contributors to our wonderful food culture. I love my day job too, and I’m very interested in the future of our work so I’m led with anticipation to our future food destiny and I wonder when I read …

Meet Generation Next. Smart, passionate, bold, they’re forging their own paths and reshaping the Australian dining landscape. Here’s what the future of food looks like.

Sounds exciting huh! Enter Josh Lewis, Daniel Pepperell, Mat Lindsay, Daniel Puskas, David Moyle, Ben Devlin, Duncan Welgemoed, Aaron Turner. That’s it. Don’t misunderstand me, we love your work guys, but really Gourmet Traveller?  What’s gone wrong here? Welcome once again to unconscious bias, please tell me we are not bereft of amazing talent across the gender divide. This is not a challenge women can fix alone. It takes us all to call it. So, good men and women, we need to be vigilant, held to account. Let’s step up together.

Read more on the culinary career challenges women face in a recent AFR article.


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