It’s official! The new world of work has arrived

We’ve been talking about the new work of work! At PlanDo, we stopped referring to the future of work a while back because, quite frankly, it’s not the future – it’s here and now.  Proof categoric, if you needed it, is the announcements this week that three global giants, Deloitte, Accenture and NAB have ditched annual and bi-annual performance reviews in favour of regular, real time progress updates.  Microsoft, SEEK and PwC set to follow.  Time to get on board guys!

Image this … it’s early January, you’ve groaned through the recent festivities and decided, as your new year’s resolution (or annual performance goal setting activity), that you’d like to shed a few kilos this next year, so naturally, you set a target … ‘I’d like to lose 10kg by next Christmas’.  Great, I think I’ll weigh myself on Christmas Eve.  If you see the flaw in this cunning plan then you’re on to why annual/infrequent performance reviews are simply ridiculous.  In more academic and contemporary terms, we have entered the era of ‘the quantified self‘ … regular measurement/progress updates are the thing.  Think FitBit.  Think FitBit for your performance, even your career.  More dedicated to that topic in another blog shortly.

Since the world of work is moving fast; since we’re building agile organizations to respond to client needs, to create and sustain a competitive advantage, we want to match the pace internally. John Chambers, existing CEO at CISCO forewarned that roughly 40% of businesses that exist today will be off the map within a decade because they will fail to keep up with new ways of being.  Bleak but then again a great opportunity for innovative (and therefore risky) thinking. The big risk increasingly, is NOT to change or to delay it while fence sitting.

For individuals, our metabolic rates have changed. We want feedback fast, it’s essential for agility and learning (and our personal competitive advantage).  Millennials crave it, if not demand it!  … ‘Tell me how I’m going’, sound familiar? Many of us now perform multiple roles, or work on multiple projects, simultaneously – which could why professional services organizations are on to a new way of planning and doing.  We want and need to set goals and track our progress in great conversations, often. It’s a case of let me know now how I’m tracking so I can take short simple steps to success rather than re-engineer my existence sometime when it’s really too late to make change.  In start up world, we call it ‘fail fast’.

So, equipping your people with tools and technology that facilitate regular, concrete conversation works well from both sides of the fence.  For leaders, it’s timely information about where our people are going and how they’re tracking that’s now critical to mutual success.  As a leader in the new world of work, you are now more and more a coach – you’re role is to equip your people with the right tools, support them for success and get out of their way – ‘head in, hands out’ as Dan Burnam describes it. As coach, you want to know what’s happening in your team, how strengths are being applied in real time, what your people want to start, stop and continue; where they’re spending their time, what’s getting in the way and how satisfied your team is with their progress and collaboration – individually and collectively.  As leader/coaches, we want to become better at meaningful conversations. Do that well (or even better) and engagement and work satisfaction soars!

So,whether you’re a progressive, innovative thought leader or simply sitting on a burning platform, PlanDo has a just right solution for you.

At PlanDo, we’ve already built the platform which is your catalyst for stronger leadership and better real time performance conversations.  We’ve even extended the idea about who owns goals and progress – hint, it’s not the business.  If you, or a leader you know, could benefit by a platform to start regular, concrete conversations with your people today, that sits alongside, not disrupts your existing systems, then contact us. We’re ready and waiting to start building your tomorrow, today.

See what DeloitteAccenture and NAB have to say about performance in the new world.


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