Effort equals reward.

Fear does not.

I recently started working out at the gym.  I figured I needed the mental and physical stamina for the remarkable journey that is start up, now progressed to early stage.  It takes tenacity and courage and frankly, a lot of hard work and a strong appetite for uncertainty. Not for the feint hearted!

We choose the themes of our challenges but at the end of the day, they are all the same.  In order to achieve what we’d like, we need to step up and start doing something different.  Life is full of uncertainty.  We know that for sure. Our No.1 enemy is fear, we wait until conditions are more favourable, more certain, until we see the next sign to take the next step.  It’s a trick and an illusion.  A mirage of the mind!  Your best friend is exactly what we want to get rid of –ambiguity – so get close and comfortable.  Whatever it is, just start! Today.

I listened to Jobs’ Stanford address again over the weekend, he says earn your success and make your own life journey.  Find your true north and just keep navigating towards it. Create for yourself a mindset that says its safe to succeed and safe to fail.  Then give yourself permission to do both.

Bottom line – turn up and do your best today!  Whatever it is, just start!

In a world aspiring to great leadership, begin at home – lead yourself.


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