Anne Moore on SBS Insight and in SMH

This week PlanDo’s founder Anne Moore speaks on emerging work trends as they impact ageing workers.  See SBS Insight’s ‘The Late Shift’ trailer here.

Five years ago, at 57 I decided to put 30 years experience in career management into my first software company.  Read more from SMH here.

  • sfern2306 says:

    Great article Anne .I totally agree.
    Most of the tech industry requires skillsets that are a balance between science and art.
    For example cutting code is more about creativity than it is about tech. A balance of age / experience / gender / race / culture is vital to have a successful shop.
    Today’s tech is about creativity and subject matter experts which has nothing to do with age, gender or race but everything about how one thinks and processes challenges.

    A voice Anne’s past

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